Khaz Modan Alliance


The guild was disbanded on 05.10.2006.

Guild Prize Draw!

The raffle for the following item will end on 02.05.2006 17:30 (WoW).

Star Ruby

This item was contributed by dung.

    Rolling for this item has already ended.

Rolls for this item

If the highest roll is a tie, the member who entered first will win.

Thrn 100
Erebur 85
Kaharas 78
Vorlonn 52
Samson 39
Chii 38
Ladina 38
Nightfighter 28
Sajag 25
avadur 5

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Previous winners
ItemEnding dateWinnerDetails

Four of Beasts

12.05.2006 Chii More information...

Bottom Half of Advanced Armorsmithing: Volume III

06.05.2006 Chii More information...

Star Ruby

02.05.2006 Thrn More information...


27.04.2006 Samson More information...

Eight of Elementals

20.04.2006 Nightfighter More information...
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