Khaz Modan Alliance


The guild was disbanded on 05.10.2006.

Guild Prize Draw!

The raffle for the following item will end on 20.04.2006 17:30 (WoW).

Eight of Elementals

Use: Combine the Ace through Eight of Elementals to complete the set.

This item was contributed by Kaharas.

    Rolling for this item has already ended.

Rolls for this item

If the highest roll is a tie, the member who entered first will win.

Nightfighter 78
Sajag 76
Ladina 76
Vorlonn 46
dung 43
lightbringe 33
avadur 23
Chii 6
Erebur 1

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Previous winners
ItemEnding dateWinnerDetails

Four of Beasts

12.05.2006 Chii More information...

Bottom Half of Advanced Armorsmithing: Volume III

06.05.2006 Chii More information...

Star Ruby

02.05.2006 Thrn More information...


27.04.2006 Samson More information...

Eight of Elementals

20.04.2006 Nightfighter More information...
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