Khaz Modan Alliance
The Followers of the Path is a role-playing guild on the Argent Dawn (EU) realm of World of Warcraft.


The guild was disbanded on 05.10.2006. (Old rules/lore kept for completeness below)

A gnome rogue with a dream...

It all began with one charismatic gnome rogue lady called Chii, who envisioned the liberation of Gnomeregan from the control of the leper gnomes. She longed to return to the homes of her ancestors, but knew she could never do it by herself. She called out for followers, and her thoughts were embraced by gnomes of all shapes and sizes. Well actually, they were all pretty tiny, but with big intents:

To take back their home!

The Gnomes Front Line (formed 8.5.2005)

And so was the Gnomes Front Line born. An organization for all gnomes who wished to one day be among the first to rebuild Gnomeregan under the rule of High Tinker Mekkatorque - to lead the front line of gnomes back into their ancestral home!

The struggles and exploits of these gnomes were not small by any measure even if their physical bodies may have been. Chii's initial band of young, strong and hopeful gnomes grew into a league of more than 40. But even with such a resilient force of mystics and warriors, regaining control of Gnomeregan still felt like a distant goal.

An alliance is struck...

By a democratic vote it was decided that the Front Line would ally with the dwarves - the close cousins of the gnome race. In unity lies strength, greater strength that could ever be attained by isolation. The new guild was named the Khaz Modan Alliance. On that historic day there were 8 gnomes present: Chii, Darc, Gunkaprink, Kiira, Nuggi, Puggi, Sajag and Taea.

The Khaz Modan Alliance (formed 24.7.2005)

And here we are today! Because in the mountainous lands of Khaz Modan lie both the homes of the dwarves as well as the gnomes, we are the Khaz Modan Alliance. Our symbol is a golden mountain that represents our common home of Ironforge.

Our guild tabard

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